Social Good Communities

Keen to connect your #SOCIALGOOD VALUES with Pegasus Riding for the Disabled?

Pegasus is first and foremost a community organisation focused on delivering “magical” therapeutic horse experiences to children and adults with disability. It’s our local #socialgood community efforts that help Pegasus provide these empowering experiences to those in need.

Following are some ways in which you too could join Pegasus’s #socialgood community to help continue the Pegasus story now and well into the future:

Volunteer Support: Members of our #socialgood community offer their time and skills as volunteers at Pegasus, by assisting with horse care, stable management, and riding lessons. Volunteers also provide administrative support, fundraising assistance, and help with organising events.

Fundraising Campaigns: Our #socialgood community initiates and participates in fundraising campaigns to support Pegasus. This can include online crowdfunding efforts, social media campaigns, charity events, and partnerships with local businesses. The funds raised are used to improve the facilities, purchase specialised equipment, and support the operational costs of our organisation.

Spread Awareness: Our #socialgood community use their influence and networks to raise awareness about Pegasus Riding for the Disabled. By sharing information about our mission, success stories, and ongoing initiatives, community members help attract more attention, volunteers, and potential donors.

Skill Sharing: Our #socialgood community comprises individuals with diverse skills and expertise. They contribute their professional knowledge by providing training sessions or workshops for Pegasus staff and volunteers. For example, experts in equine therapy or adaptive sports offer their insights and guidance to enhance the quality of services provided by Pegasus.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Our #socialgood community facilitates collaborations and partnerships between Pegasus and other organisations, businesses, or institutions that share similar goals. These collaborations help expand the reach of Pegasus and provide additional resources and support to our organisation.

Advocacy and Policy Support: Community members advocate for inclusive policies and regulations that benefit organisations like Pegasus. They engage in conversations with local authorities, policymakers, and influencers to promote the importance of disability-inclusive recreational activities and therapy pathways and aid in securing necessary resources for Pegasus and similar initiatives.

By leveraging the collective power of our #socialgood community, Pegasus Riding for the Disabled receives increased support, resources, and visibility, ultimately benefiting individuals with disabilities and enabling them to experience the therapeutic and empowering benefits of horse riding and horse love, and its MAGIC.

If you are interested in joining our #socialgood community, contact Matt Watson, CEO – or Jo Kennedy, Fundraising and Event Coordinator – or phone (02)6254 9190.