Hello 2023!

After a well-deserved rest during December and for the most part of January, our wonderful herd, committed staff, caring coaches and big-hearted volunteers are ready to take on 2023 and all it has for us.

We are getting excited about kicking off participant programs in week two of term one! We’ve missed seeing the happy faces of our participants and their families as they come through our gates. We understand how much those who come to Pegasus love engaging with our ponies because of the physical benefits and to receive the true affection and emotional support that our herd gives them.

This is what we call ‘The Magic of Pegasus’.

To receive a nicker or whinny, maybe a nudge, the resting of a pony head on you, or even a breath… yes that’s right… a pony breathing on you is a sure show of a horses love and affection. Remembering that ponies can’t verbalize “I love you” like we do, instead they communicate their sentiments through their actions. 

Our participants learn this on day one and experience it throughout their time at Pegasus. We have no doubt that our participants are excited to come back for 2023 classes to encounter the love of our beautiful furry family once again.

In 2023 there will be great focus on our Strategic Plan deliverables, so we may expand our reach (ref: https://pegasusact.com.au/strategic-plan/).

One of our many goals is to grow our herd so we may increase enrolments numbers for those wanting the benefits that Pegasus offers. We will resume searching for well-loved ponies that may be surplus to our horse community’s needs, of which could make an incredibly positive impact on participants with disability.

We have commenced the year with our Horse Manager trialling a couple of new ponies. This means they are undertaking a traineeship where they are assessed for quiet temperaments, confidence with beginners, have sound and sensible natures, good formation, smooth and balanced even paces and haven’t any major vices. All of these are critical components for participants, volunteers, and coach interactions.

In addition, Staff, coaches, and volunteers will be strengthening their communication skills so they may further support our participants with disability. This will include training from Wearable Words, of which several communication resources will be displayed throughout the common area and arena; be sure to keep watch for these and don’t hesitate to ask about them.

In terms of the farm, 100 acres requires dedicated maintenance and an alignment with a superlative operation plan. We will be supporting, and be supported by, again this year, Galilee School. We will work collaboratively on the farm’s general conditions, soil and plant nutrition and protection, sourcing of the most environmentally friendly and modernised ways to manage weeds and pests and continue to develop all staff and volunteers in farm-specific Occupational Health and Safety in accordance with our Strategic Plan.

Finally, our very important fundraising events on our event calendar so far this year to look forward to (which we couldn’t do any of without the support of our wonderful sponsors) are:

  • March – Charity Golf Day at Yowani Country Club
  • March – Brumbies vs Reds 50/50 Charity Raffle
  • May – Pony Up For Pegasus
  • September – Open Day
  • October – Funkana
  • November – Charity Race Day at Thoroughbred Park
  • All year long – Bunnings BBQ’s