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Annual General Meeting

Pegasus RDA held its annual AGM on Wednesday 17 November 2021.

This year we said farewell to Peter Stubbs and Tony Curtis from the board who have helped strengthen the future of Pegasus and helped steered the organisation through difficult times.

Congratulations to Wendy Gould who has taken on the role as President and to John Riley as Vice President. We also welcome new board member Kellie Woodger and post AGM George Skillin as Treasurer. 


Pegasus Riding for the Disabled of the ACT Inc. adopted our Constitution in September, 2015.

Our Constitution is fully compliant with ACT and Commonwealth legislation; accurately addresses the current regulatory and funding environment we operate in; and reflects the purpose of Pegasus, it’s Members and role in our community.

​To read the Constitution, please click here or download the attachment below.


Becoming a Member gives you the chance to protect and promote the vision and values of Pegasus as well as our mission of enriching the lives of those with a disability in the ACT and local NSW region.

Members play an important role in running Pegasus, as it is the Members who have the ultimate decision-making responsibility to guide the organisation’s future through the Board, and to vote on key governance issues.

So get involved and become a Member! Stay connected with like-minded people committed to ensuring that Pegasus delivers the highest quality horse-facilitated therapy programs and activities to those who need them most.


  • have a voice in the decision-making process by having voting rights
  • are eligible to be nominated and elected to the Board
  • are eligible to serve on a sub-Committee (Finance & Audit, the Open Day)​

All families financially involved in Pegasus programs automatically become members for the time that they have a participant in our classes. Volunteers are also given membership for one year without charge. All other community members and continuing volunteers who wish to retain their membership are charged a minimal fee of $5.00

If you would like further information, please email us at, or phone us on 02 6254 9190.