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Programs offered

At Pegasus we offer a varied range of programs.

These programs have been designed for people with disability and are delivered by our highly trained RDA coaches.

Mounted Programs

Our mounted programs help to build core strength, coordination and improve motor skills. 

Like all our programs these sessions are designed to reduce anxiety and support communication in an inclusive environment.

All participants are supported by our trained volunteers to help improve their skills and abilities as the year progresses.

Horseability ® Programs

Horseability is an unmounted program that provides an introduction to horses in a safe and welcoming environment.

Activities include: 

  • grooming the horse
  • basic horse management skills, including safety around horses
  • leading skills
  • physical activity 
  • rhythm work alongside the lunged horse
  • team work
  • social skills
  • fun.

Hippotherapy Programs

The term Hippotherapy literally means ‘treatment with the horse.’

Specially-trained physical and occupational therapists use this medical treatment for clients with movement disabilities. In Hippotherapy, the horse influences the client rather than the client influencing the horse. The client is positioned on, and actively responds to, the movement of the therapy horse. The therapist directs the movement of the horse, analyses the client’s responses and adjusts the treatment accordingly.

The aim of the  session is to improve the client’s posture, balance, mobility and function.  The therapist chooses different positions in which to place the client on the horse.  This may include sitting forwards, backwards, lying across the horse and lying back along on the horse. The client is re-positioned throughout the session to achieve their specific treatment goals, but little other active movement is asked of the client as the movement stimulated by the action of the horse, provides the therapeutic benefit.